Quality Instruments, Spare Parts, Service & Support from your Diluting Sampler Specialists at ASI.

Experience and Expertise from Hundreds of Reconditioned and Repaired CEMS Dilution Probes.

Fast and Consistent Turnaround Times for your Serviced Equipment. BMP: Basic Monitoring Probe.


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Critical Orifices
Pyrex® Glass Critical Orifices
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Dilution Instrument Services
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    Out-Of-Stack Probe Services
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In-Situ Dilution Probe Heaters
Complete Heater Assemblies
Stack-Tester Version
C22 Alloy & Halar Series

Extension Pipe Assemblies
    In-situ Probe Extensions
    Custom Weldments

Spare Parts and Consumables
    In-Situ Dilution Probe Parts
    OOS Diluting Sampler Parts
    Obsolete Probe Heater Parts
    Custom Manufactured Parts

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