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Our Standard Service has become very popular with many of our customers. Many Utilities take advantage of this service during their scheduled maintenance shutdowns, as a part of their QA/QC and Periodic Maintenance practices.

We also offer probe Repair and complete Rebuild Services. We have seen some pretty distressed instruments over the years, rest assured ... we can help.

ASI is committed to communicate with you on a timely basis, provide accurate and detailed evaluations on equipment sent to us for a Service Quote, and to provide the Quality that you expect.

- In-situ Dilution Probe Line Repair Service In-Depth -

With some of the older in-situ dilution probes, the three (3) solder joints (where the tubes for CL, VL & DS reduce in size), have been corroded away. In many cases these joints may remain leak-tight, however, the tubing right at the joints will sometimes become deteriorated and fatigued. Here's an example of such a condition:

It is not possible for us to simply re-weld or braze the joints due to contamination that cannot be removed from inside the old tube joints. But if the tubing before and after the solder joints is still in relatively good shape, we can perform a repair that is pretty quick and cost effective. We remove the end fittings and ferrules from the three lines that have the solder joints, permanently install specially modified compression fittings over the solder joints, then reinstall the end fittings. This will prevent the joints from ever leaking, and provide strength to these fragile areas.

The line repairs are typically performed in combination with the dilution probe's standard maintenance servicing at ASI (Ref. SRVC-PRB-A) to keep downtime to a minimum. If the lines of the dilution probe are in overall poor condition we cannot perform the line repair service and would need to discuss the extended repair programs we offer. However, we will evaluate the instruments at our shop and submit our best recommendations and a formal quotation before any work is performed. There is no charge for any of our evaluations!!


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