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The ASI Model DP-060 Series Probe Heater is specially developed for use with new ASI or existing EPM In-situ Diluting Samplers (Dilution Probes).

Whether you are looking for a basic coil replacement, or a complete heater assembly, our pricing is significantly lower than that of the formerly available EPM models.

Another simple and low cost way to keep your CEMS sampling equipment downtime to a minimum.

Whether your using a dilution probe heater or your probe is unheated, we can guide you through the installation process so you can use your existing extension pipe. For new installations we offer Extension Assembly production and design services for special configurations, custom weldments and flangework.

Did you know we also have a new Stack Tester Version of our probe heater? Click on the link at the bottom of this page for details.

- Probe Heaters ASI Model DP-060 Series for In-situ Dilution Probes -

Assembly with extension pipe will be much lighter as it will use 3" nominal pipe (3-1/2" OD) instead of 3-1/2" nominal pipe (4" OD) as with the EPM model 797.561L. Check out our "Stack Tester" versions, they use a 1-1/2" nominal pipe (1.90" OD)!!
Can fit into smaller ID stack/duct ports, as the extension ring does not exceed the extension pipe OD of 3-1/2". The EPM model has and extension ring with a 5" OD.
Can be used with existing in-situ dilution probes regardless of probe-flange type, as long as the probe has newer style filter cap assembly (with groove for the Kalrez® O-ring at probe-tip).
Custom adaptors can be produced to attach heated probe assembly to many existing extension pipe configurations. Also, has three tapped holes on tip face of outer heater mantle, that can be used to attach particulate deflector if desired (custom made by end user, or designed by ASI upon request).
The heater coils are interchangeable between this heater assembly and the EPM 797.560 series heaters.
Whether you are looking for basic Coil Replacement, or a complete heater assembly, our pricing is significantly lower than that of the formerly available EPM models.

Comes complete with outer protective housing (annulus design), mounting bolts, Kalrez® O-ring, anti-seize compound, extra gaskets and necessary tools. Also includes an "extension ring" for mounting the heated diluting probe (this ring is welded by customer, to a 3" Nom. Sched10 pipe (3-1/2" OD)).

We can supply or produce custom extension rings and adaptors to attach the Model DP-060 Heater Assembly to many existing extension pipe configurations. ASI can also produce the complete Extension Pipe assembly to meet your specifications. Please Contact Us for further information.


Wetted Parts: Stainless 316/316L
Voltage: 115VAC (230VAC Optional)
Wattage: 400W (Higher Wattage Optional)
Thermocouple Type: K-Type
Temperature Regulating: Via Temperature Controller (by customer)
Max Operating Temp: 572°F (300°C)
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

Things to consider when upgrading from your older EPM dilution probe heaters.
Click Here to view or download full details of our probe heaters in printer friendly PDF format.
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