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The Particulate Deflector is designed to decrease the amount of particulate that builds up on the dilution probe's coarse inlet filter and fine particulate filter of the critical orifice. As a result, maintenance frequency in high particulate applications is significantly reduced.

The Particulate Deflector assembly fits all currently installed in-situ dilution probes, regardless of their age. It can even be used on probes equipped with a probe heater.


- Particulate Deflectors for In-situ Dilution Probes -

The Particulate Deflector is specially designed with a "hooked" inlet. By positioning the inlet so that it faces downstream of the stack or process flow, Inertia will carry a greater amount of the particulate matter past the sample inlet of the dilution probe.

Key Features:

Fits any currently installed ASI or EPM in-situ dilution probe.

Compatible with EPM Model 797.560 Series, or ASI DP-060 Series dilution probe heaters.

Special assemblies available for use with the earlier EPM Model 797.502 Series dilution probe heaters.

Ideal for high particulate applications, reduces the need for manual cleaning of the coarse inlet filter or fine particulate filter of the critical orifice.

Won't interfere with coarse filter purge (blow back) cycles.

Fully adjustable for optimum sample inlet positioning (inlet faces downstream of stack/process flow).

Optional coarse inlet pre-filters available.

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