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Whether you are looking for a basic coil replacement, or a complete heater assembly, our pricing is significantly lower than that of the formerly available EPM models.

- Heater Coils for In-situ Dilution Probes -

Replacement Heater Coil (with armored cable) P/N 5100.252:
Description: 115VAC, 400W, 4M armored cable, coil with integral K-type T/C. For use with ASI Model DP-060-A Series Heater Assembly, or EPM Model 797.560 Series Heater Assembly.

Heater Coil (OEM version) P/N 5100.250:
Description: 115VAC, 400W, 4M leads with fiberglass overbraid, coil with integral K-type T/C. Standard transition piece from coil to leads [.312" OD x 1-1/4" long, epoxy sealed]. Protective armored cable not included.

230VAC, 400W versions available for the above items. Higher wattage coils also available upon request.

For Replacement Coils used with the original EPM In-situ dilution probe heater (Model 797.502 Series), please Contact Us. We do make these coils, but based on the design we require the entire assembly at our shop. Here we can properly disassemble the unit and re-weld the new coil into the flange assembly.

For Replacement parts specific to the EPM In-situ Probe Heater Assemblies, Click Here.



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