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ASI has the experience in design and production of extension pipe assemblies used with your heated or unheated in-situ dilution probes. From the very basic pipe & weld adaptor configuration to bolt your unheated probe ... to the new and innovative extension assemblies developed for your heated in-situ dilution probes.

Whether your an End-User, Integrator, or OEM ... with requirements for a single unit or multiple units, we will work with you to design, develop and produce the extension assemblies to meet your needs.

- Extension Assemblies for Heated or Unheated In-situ Dilution Probes -
The complete Extension Assembly, shown above with a Heated Probe attached in location , consists of: an Extension Ring (when heated) or a basic Weld Adaptor (when unheated), an Extension Pipe, a Mounting Flange, an Overhang (aft protrusion of the extension pipe), and the 4pc. Extension Tube Set.

If you will be contacting ASI to request a quote for the production of your custom Extension Pipe Assembly, please have the following preliminary specifications ready so we can get started. You may also make your selections below and fill out the quick contact form and we will respond as soon as possible (Bolded Fields are Required).

1. Is your in-situ dilution probe heated or unheated?
Heated Unheated

2. If heated, what is the model of your heater?
ASI Model DP-060 Series

EPM Model 797.560 Series
EPM Model 797.502 Series

If Other, please note manufacturer and model...

2. Mounting Flange Size:
4"150# 6"150# 8"150#

3. Flange Orientation: "A" or "B"

4. Stack/Duct Port ID "Ø":

5. Extension Tubes needed? Yes No

Ref fig.1 above, provide lengths needed
6. Length of "L1":

7. Length of "L2":

8. Length of "L3":
State: Zip:

Further Reference:

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