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Did you know we also offer Full Service for your EPM Out-of-Stack (OOS) diluting sampler?

has the service knowledge of this system that remains unmatched. We have been involved with the service and rebuilds for numerous OOS systems over the years. Despite the fact that many of these systems are racking up the miles, we are doing our part to ensure that these instruments are running better than ever!

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Full-Service for the EPM Out-of-Stack Diluting System/Probe

The following details what we currently offer with our Full Service, for your EPM Model 797.380 Series Out-of-Stack Diluting Sampler:

Replacement of Kalrez® O-ring and All Gaskets, including the following:

Description ASI P/N
Kalrez® O-ring 3/4" x 15/16" x 3/32" CS GS-K116
By-pass Pump Gasket: OD 25 x ID 10mm (when applicable) E-OS-RPLC-024
Gasket: OD 51 x ID 41 x 0.5mm (rectangular) E-OS-RPLC-023
Flange Gasket: OD 149 x ID 93 x 2mm (for custom 2"150#) E-OS-RPLC-022
Flange Nut Gasket: OD 38 x ID 27 x 2mm E-OS-RPLC-025
Coarse Filter Gasket: OD 65 x ID 29 x 2mm E-OS-RPLC-021
Graphite Ferrule: (at critical orifice connection) GS-GFER.25
60m in-line Filter Cartridge (for dilution air line) 5000.183
Chassis & Top Cover Insulation Upgrade (please call)

Complete inspection and testing of entire Out-of-Stack Dilution Probe including the following:

Coarse Filter Assembly (inspected)
Compression Ring (inspected)
Electrical Connections and Enclosure (inspected)
Thermocouple (inspected and tested)
Heaters (inspected and tested)
Dilution Probe (inspected, tested, performance certificate provided)
Cal-line Check Valve (inspected and tested)
Bypass Pump (inspected, tested, performance certificate provided)
Critical Orifice (inspected and tested, replacement of fine quartz filter)
Inner Flange Assembly (inspected, all welds inclusive)
Solder Joints on Tubing (inspected)

Service will include thorough cleaning of all parts.
Leak-tight testing of all dilution probe and system lines.
Anti-seize applied to all screws, bolts and threads of knurled nut.
Customer will be notified and quoted on any additional parts that need to be replaced.
A Performance Certificate for both the Dilution Probe and the Bypass Pump will be sent to the customer with their reconditioned equipment, providing them with critical performance data.

Note: End users of the "-S" Series Out-of-Stack Diluting Samplers (uses stainless steel ferrules seal at diluter tip instead of Kalrez® O-ring) are encouraged to upgrade their sampler to allow for usage of a 3/4" ID graphite ferrule seal. Click Here for more information on this upgrade service.

This service is recommended annually, or during customers scheduled maintenance shutdown to keep your sample system downtime to a minimum. Need service for the diluting aspirator only? No problem, we offer services for any single component when "Full Service" is not required.

For Replacement parts specific to the EPM Out-of-Stack Diluting Sampler, Click Here.

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