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For the EPM Out-of-Stack Diluting Sampler, we offer various replacement parts, many of which have enhanced design features to either improve system up-time, or reduce maintenance downtime.

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Replacement Heater Cartridge P/N E-OS-RPLC-018: In-depth...
Description: 120VAC, 400W, Incoloy® sheath, 1FT stainless overbraided flex leads with special cable gland support tube. Includes SS retaining wire and cap screw to secure the cartridge into the heater plate. For use with EPM Model 797.380 Series Out-of-Stack Diluting Sampler. 240VAC, 400W versions available for the above items, higher wattage coils also available upon request.

Save time during coarse filter replacements...
using the ASI Flex-lead heater cartridges.


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