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For the EPM Out-of-Stack Diluting Sampler, we offer various replacement parts, many of which have enhanced design features to either improve system up-time, or reduce maintenance downtime.

For pricing and lead-time on consumables and replacement parts please Contact Us.

Please know that we have not listed all the parts we carry. If there are some parts you need that are not noted below, let us know ... maybe we can help!


- Spare Parts EPM OOS Diluting Sampler -

Replacement Heater Cartridge P/N E-OS-RPLC-018:
Description: 120VAC, 400W, Incoloy® sheath, 1FT stainless overbraided flex leads with special cable gland support tube. Includes SS retaining wire and cap screw to secure the cartridge into the heater plate.

Thermocouple Replacement -- P/N: E-OS-RPLC-001:
Type K-Type
Description: For use with out-of-stack diluting sample probes.

Coarse Filter Assembly -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-014:
Material Stainless Steel Ring with Monel Screen
Description: For use with Out-of-Stack diluting sample probes.

O-ring -- P/N GS-K116:
Material Kalrez® | Max. Temp. 575°F (300°C)
Description: For use with the Out-of-Stack diluting sample probes. For the Kalrez® O-ring used with the in-situ diluting sample probe, use P/N: GS-K118.

Graphite Ferrules -- P/N GS-GFER.75:
ID 3/4" | Qty. 5pc. Pak
Description: Provides leak-tight seal between the diluter tip and inner flange assembly of the "-S" series Out-of-Stack diluting sampler that has been upgraded by ASI.

Compression Ring -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-029:
Material Stainless Steel 316/316L
Description: For use with the original "O-ring seal type" OOS.

Gasket, Coarse Filter Assembly -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-021:
Material Garlock® 3200
Description: Located around the coarse filter assembly.

Gasket, 2"150# Mounting Flange -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-022:
Material Garlock® 3200
Description: For custom mounting flange of the OOS.

Gasket, Heater Mantle -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-023:
Material Garlock® 3200
Description: Rectangular, located between the inner flange assembly and heater mantle.

Gasket, By-pass Pump -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-024:

Material Garlock® 3200
Description: For the 2 piece body of the EPM by-pass pump.

Gasket, Flange-nut -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-025:

Material Garlock® 3200
Description: For the flange-nut eat end of standard sample pipe.

Diluting Aspirator Assembly -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-002:

Material Stainless Steel 316/316L
Description: For use with the standard Out-of-Stack diluting sample probes, where Kalrez® O-ring seal is used. Comes complete with 5 psi check valve (for cal line) and 60µ in-line filter (for dilution air line).

Diluting Aspirator Assembly -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-003:
Material Stainless Steel 316/316L
Description: For use with the "-S" series Out-of-Stack diluting sample probes, where Kalrez® O-ring seal is not used. This unit comes with the additional outer sleeve over the aspirator housing. This unit will use the 3/4" ID graphite ferrule as seal at diluter tip (not the SS front/back ferrules). Find out more about upgrading your "-S" series Out-of-Stack diluting sampler by ASI.

By-pass Pump/Eductor Assembly -- P/N E-OS-RPLC-002:
Material Stainless Steel 316/316L
Description: High Air Consumption type, one piece body, includes calibrated restriction tube assembly.

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