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The ASI Model DM-100 Series Diluting Modules have been developed to meet the requirements of some of our more specialized applications, where an ex-situ dilution system or in-situ dilution probe is simply not practical.

Whether your primary diluting device is to be used as a stand-alone unit for laboratory applications, or integrated within your OEM analyzer or sampling system, the DM-100 is a great solution for your dilution stage. Originally designed as a second stage diluting unit, downstream of an in-situ or ex-situ dilution probe, the DM-100 can also produce extremely high dilution ratios should your application call for it.

Highly improved features over the old 797.311 diluter

Heated version currenty in development
Swagelok® compression fittings for easy installation
Compact design allows for flexible integration into
   standard rack-mounted enclosures and OEM systems

The internal diluting aspirators we utilize in our Diluting Modules are manufactured and calibrated to meet the highest performance efficiencies on the market. This translates into stability and lower dilution air consumption.

Reach a minimum vacuum of .47 bar (13.87"Hg) at a low 2.5 bar (36.25psi) dilution air pressure.
Maintain vacuum levels above the .47 bar through dilution air pressures up to 6 bar.
Diluted sample flow rates in range of 4.5 to 12 l/min (dependent on dilution air pressure setting).
Operating temperatures over 350°F (177°C), with High Temp configuration.

Reduces moisture content to levels below the dew point
Dilutes sample to more accurately measured concentrations (dilution ratios from 12:1 to 350:1)
Precise low-flow sample flow rates (standard orifice sizes from 20ml/min to 500ml/min)

Wetted parts from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 316
Many critical orifice types available (Standard Glass, Monel-400, Stainless-316)

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