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The ASI Model DM-100 Series Diluting Modules have been developed to meet the requirements of some of our more specialized applications, where an ex-situ dilution system or in-situ dilution probe is simply not practical.

Whether your primary diluting device is to be used as a stand-alone unit for laboratory applications, or integrated within your OEM analyzer or sampling system, the DM-100 is a great solution for your dilution stage.

Originally designed as a second stage diluting unit, downstream of an in-situ or ex-situ dilution probe, the DM-100 can also produce extremely high dilution ratios should your application call for it.

Highly improved features over the old 797.311 diluter

Heated version currenty in development
Swagelok® compression fittings for easy installation
Compact design allows for flexible integration into
   standard rack-mounted enclosures and OEM systems

- Dilution Modules for Analyzer Enhancement -

The internal diluting aspirators in our Dilution Modules are individually calibrated to meet the highest performance efficiency possible, while maintaining a very stable Diluted Sample output.

Reach a minimum vacuum of .47 bar (13.87"Hg) at a low 2.5 bar (36.25psi) dilution air pressure.
Maintain vacuum levels above the .47 bar through dilution air pressures up to 6 bar.
Diluted sample flow rates in range of 4.5 to 12 l/min (dependent on dilution air pressure setting).
Glass or Monel® orifices with Dilution Ratios up to 350:1 (20ml/min), down to 12:1 (500ml/min).

For quotation or further information on the ASI Model DM-100 Series Diluting Modules Contact Us.

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