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Alpha Suite Inc. ("ASI") is a USA based OEM which designs, develops, and supplies scientific instruments utilized in gas sampling and monitoring applications, mostly associated with process emissions. Specific instrumentation includes; In-Situ Dilution Extractive Probes, Ex-Situ Diluting Modules, Precise Low-Flow ("Low Pressure") Direct Extractive Probes, Probe Heaters, Critical Orifices (Sonic Orifices), Related Instruments, Spare Parts, Maintenance and Repair Services. These instruments are most commonly used in Smoke Stack CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems), RATA or similar Test Audit Compliance, Process Monitoring, and specialized Laboratory Applications.

was originally formed with the primary focus of providing Integrators and end-users of the former EPM Dilution Probe a source for service that was experienced, reliable and consistent. ASI's knowledge base includes the unmatched experience and expertise from hundreds of reconditioned and repaired dilution probes and related components for over the last 20 years. With the support of existing instruments still at its core, ASI has since become a well-known and respected global source of these instruments and other innovative gas sampling solutions.

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We have a wide range of standard Critical Orifice (sonic orifice) styles and flows to suit your sampling needs. Critical Orifice styles for a variety of applications including in-situ and out-of-stack sample diluting probes. Retrofits to your EPM Environmental critical orifices available. Click Here for EPM critical orifice part numbers.

Standard Materials include Glass, Quartz and Monel®. Standard Max. Temperatures up to 750°F (400°C), High Temperature Critical Orifices (Sonic Orifices) are available for your applications up to 1110°F (600°C).

ASI is a proven leader for Quality Parts and Best Selection of critical orifice flows and materials you will find for your dilution systems. For our OEM Customers, we offer custom designed critical orifices to meet your specific needs.

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